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<metadesc>Whorl is a SellSteel Assassin Player Character in the Dark Heresy RPG campaign of Highest Noon, Lowest Dawn. He is from the borderline Death World of Malebolge.</metadesc> Whorl is a SellSteel Assassin from the planet Malebolge. This one thriving agri-world underwent a cataclysmic ecological change some 15,000 years ago, reducing the human population to a basic proto-medieval level. Small enclaves of humanity exist on a world that now resembles a Death World, with a diverse and deadly biosphere. Discovered during the Great Crusade, the Imperium has long found Maelbolge to be a recruiting ground for their forces in the sector. Malebolgians are trained to hunt, hide and fight from the day they stand - given the lethality of the local flora and fauna, this is a necessary survival trait.

Whorl is named for the tattoos and scars that cover his body. His skin has a peculiar bronze tint, and his eyes are yellow - however many of his people exhibit similar traits, and Inquisitorial gene-scans have identified it as a peculiar quirk in their genetic make-up, not a taint.

Although he is comfortable with more advanced technology he only uses it when he needs to, preferring basic items that can also be easily replicated. Whorl is cunning, inventive, and unconventional. He is exceedingly patient and dislikes rushing into situations without some form of plan. He is at home among the spires of the hives or jungle canopy. Many see him as a savage, but only because Whorl prefers it that way.